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Loona Robot as Your Perfect AI Companion Petbot 2024

loona robot

loona robot

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Discover the future of companionship with Loona Robot, your AI companion. Experience emotional connections and advanced technology in one.

Brief Overview of Loona Petbot

Loona is a cutting-edge AI companion small robot to redefine human-robot interaction. This robot came with advanced emotional understanding and customizable feature, it offers unparalleled companionship, bridging the gap between technology and emotions. Explore a new dimension of interaction and support with Loona .

Features of Loona robot

A loona is a smart robot pet having various following features.

1. Voice Command powered by AWS.

Experience the future of interaction with Loona Robot powered by AWS voice command. Speak to command, engage, and personalize your AI companion effortlessly. Explore the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and comanionship.

2. Smart Interaction

Loona Robot offers brilliant smart interaction responding to voice commands, understanding emotions, and learning from users. Customize its personality for a unique, engaging, and personalized experience. An intelligent companion that adapts and connects seamlessly with users.

3. Nonstop Games with Loona petbot App

Enjoy an array of limitless games with loona, including bullfighting, laser light chasing, ball fetching, hands clapping and many more.

4. Flawless Navigation with a 3D-ToF camera(LiDAR Sensor)

The 3D Time-of-Flight(ToF) camera identifies obstacles in the environment, producing data to facilitate Loona Robot’s seamless movement and navigation.

5. Gesture Recognition

Loona Robot incorporates advanced gesture recognition technology, allowing it to interpret and respond to human gestures. Whether it’s a wave, a nod, or a specific hand movement, Loona’s intuitive recognition enhance user interaction, making communication with the robot more natural and engaging.

6. Automatic Recharge

When charging of Loona Petbot is low, she automatically find and locates her charging dock for charging herself. She ensure her charging percentage should not be low so that he can provide continuous .companionship.

7. ChatGPT integrated

Experience endless excitement with Loona’s ChatGPT. It is not just a conversation, it is a thrilling playground filled with captivating mini-games that promise entertainment and astonishment at every turn.

Specifications of Loona Robot

CPU Dual-core BPU

Loona is energized by Dual-core BPU CPU, specifically a Neural Network Processor. capable of executing an impressive 5 trillion calculations per second.

Dimensions8.3″L x 6.8″W x 6.8″H(21cm x 17.2cm x 17.2cm )
Weight2.42 lbs (1.1Kg)
CPUQuad-core Cortex A53, up to 1.5GHz, Dual-core BPU 5 TOPS( Tera Operations Per Second)
Display2.4 “LCD
CameraRGB Camera 720P
Sensors3D ToF(Time of Flight) Sensor: Touch Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer: 3 axis gyroscope
Microphone4- Microphone array
Co-processorCortexM4, 100MHz
ActuatorsOuter rotor Brushless DC servomotors x 2(wheels): Brushed DC servomotors x4(body and ears)
Audio-processorDual-core DSP, 360MHz, HIFI Audio Engine
Wi-Fi2.4G/5.8G dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n
Battery1350 mAh 11.1V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
MemoriesLPDDR4 2GB(RAM): eMMC5.0 8GB(ROM)
Speaker2W Speaker
ChargingUSB-type C port: Charging contacts for charging dock

Loona Robot Commands

Greeting Commands

Task Commands

Entertainment Commands for Loona.

Remote Control Commands


Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) about Loona Robot.

Where to buy Loona petbot ?

You can purchase Loona Robot from their official website There are 3 bundles available on website that is

Bundle TypeAccessories includesCost priceLink to buy
Loona GoIt includes only Loona and Game prop kit.$382.00
Loona PremiumIt includes Loona, game prop kit and charging dock.$424.00
Loona Christmas’sIt includes Loona, game prop kit, charging dock and one christmas Outfit of Loona.$443.00
Above price of loona can be vary. For current price, kindly visit official website of Loona Robot

How does Loona petbot handle charging and Power management ?
Video source from credit goes to video makers.

Loona autonomously locates her charging dock when charging is low and charge herself by own. Make sure power supply of charging dock should be always ON.

Can I teach new command or action ?

Yes, you can teach loona a new command and action to contribute more personalized interaction.

Can Loona learn and remember my preferences over time ?

Yes, Loona is designed to learn and remember your preferences, adapting her behavior’s based on past interaction.

How does Loona express happiness ?
Video source from credit goes to video makers.

Loona express her happiness through animated eyes reaction, responsive behavior, positive movement and sounds.

Where to buy charging dock of Loona robot ?

You can buy charging dock of loona robot from To buy charging dock , visit here.

Is clothes is available for Loona Robot pet ?

Available, current christmas clothes available for Loona. you can buy clothes for loona from this website

What are the AI features of Loona petbot?

There are various AI features available in Loona Robot like Voice based AI, Emotional Interactive AI model, ChatGPT, Visual based AI features.

If we talk about Voice AI, loona can localized voice sources, recognized voice and understand languages.

Loona petbot is powerful in recognising faces, human skeletal. she can also detect emotions like sad, joy etc.

Loona has amazing technology that can do gesture recognition, motion detection, edge detection, 3D environment detection and trajectory planning.

How the loona robot can serve as an excellent AI pet?

Loona petbot can be a impressive AI pet as it has outstanding AI capabilities like Voice recognition, face detection etc. Its voice recognition features not only identify voice of person but also localized from where voice is coming.

Loona can establish personalized and empathetic connections with humans. Loona has chatGPT integrated in herself so that she can ensure engaging conversations.

Loona robot can understand gesture as normal living pet can do. Also loona don’t need any special care, not required medical help. she is highly intelligent and emotionally attuned companion of human being.

What are the moods of Loona petbot?

There are so many moods of Loona Robot like Sad, Angry, Joyful, Emotion, Happy and many more .

Loona Robot Review

Loona is highly intelligent AI robot petbot. She is actually cute and sweet AI companion. Following video is a honest unboxing review after purchasing Loona robot.

If you have any queries, contact us. If you want any virtual AI companion to chat, we can recommend you to see Character AI.

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